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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


The aim of the 500Hrs Advanced YTT program is to help Yoga teachers to establish and embody their learning. The program is advanced not only in the sense of subtle yogic practices covered, but also on the extent of gaining deeper insights on ancient yogic texts which complement and support the subject being studied.

Our 500 Hrs AYTT program is accredited by Yoga Alliance International which would further add to the credentials of any practicing Yoga Teacher.

Course Duration & Schedule

The full course duration is for 8 months (500 hours) which will comprise of 32 weekend sessions. Besides daily practice sessions are available for the students during weekdays. The 500Hrs AYTT program is offered twice in a year.

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Suitability and Considerations for this Course

Completion of 300Hrs YTT program with us is a prerequisite for joining the 500Hrs AYTT program. This course is suitable for those who would like to further strengthen their knowledge of yogic practices and those who are keen to progress further in the path of yoga.


1st Phase

  • Subtler Application of Basic Asanas
  • Suryabhedanam
  • Bhastrika
Shodhana Kriya
  • Danda Dhauti *
  • Vyutkramam
  • Sitkramam
  • Vatakramam
  • Agnisara
  • Introduction to Shad Darshanam
  • Introduction to Sankhya Darshanam
Textual Understanding
  • Patanjala Yoga Sutram

2nd Phase

  • Subtler Application of Intermediate Asanas
  • Kumbhaka Padhati Level 1 (Sagarbha Pranayamam)
Meditation Techniques
  • Prana Dharana Level 1 & 2
  • Ajapa Japa Level 1 & 2
Shodhana Kriya
  • Vastra Dhauti *
  • Poorna Varisara Dhauti *
  • Introduction to Trilakshyam
  • Vyoma Panchakam
Textual Understanding
  • Patanjala Yoga Sutram

3rd Phase

  • Subtler Application of Advanced Asanas
  • Kumbhaka Padhati Level 2
Meditation Techniques
  • Prana Dharana (Level 3,4 & 5)
  • Ajapa Jappa (Level 3,4 & 5)
  • Theory of Adhara, Chakra & Kundalini
Textual Understanding
  • Patanjala Yoga Sutram
  • Goraksha Padhati

4th Phase

Meditation Techniques
  • Pratyahara Technique
  • Meditation on Adharas
  • Chakra Dharana
Textual Understanding
  • Goraksha Padhati
Internal Assessment
  • Teaching Assistance & Correction
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Practice Diary
  • Assignment
  • Lesson Planning
  • Karma Yoga (Selfless Service)

*Subject to the Practitioners progress and weather conditions

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