Align Body With Mind... From Gross to Subtle
"Preserving Yoga For Generations"

Patanjala Yoga Sutra


Patanjali Maharshi’s Yogasutras is the most commonly quoted reference text amongst Yoga practitioners worldwide. Inspite of the myriad practice methodologies that have off shooted from the crux, the Yogasutras have still not been imbibed in its entirety because an in-depth understanding of them requires knowledge of some pre-requisite practices - the culmination of which is the Yogasutras. Since these basic practises are neglected, the apt context of the Yogasutras have been misunderstood in the modern times.

With this comprehensive program comprising 50 hours of theory and practical sessions, we introduce these basic principles, practices and methodologies which eventually evolves into a new perspective with which Yogasutras are to be looked into - thus evolving one’s own individual practice as well as helping Yoga teachers infuse a fresh breath into the practise of their students.

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