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Course on Yoga Philosophy

So why Yoga Philosophy?

If practical was everything then we shouldn’t have been exposed to any kind of theory whatsoever. Let’s understand that “both are incomplete without each other”.

There are a lot of interpretations of the theory available, so only if we study under the guidance of an eminent master, will we have the clarity on the nuances of the practice overall. Also, the texts become our only reference point to go back to, in the event of a doubt or if clarification is required.

If you are a practitioner or Yoga teacher, who is seeking for some answers which you are unable to find despite practicing Yoga for a long time or if you are beginner and curious to know the complete subject of Yoga in totality, then Yoga Philosophy becomes imperative.

We are offering a course on Yoga Philosophy, which takes into consideration some very important and well-known literature on Yoga and it also promises to help the practitioner to connect the theory with practice, which you can hardly find anywhere.

This 100 Hour duration course proposes to cover three important Yogic Literature Texts:

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • The Gheranda Samhita
  • Patanjala Yoga Sutras
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