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Diabetes (Sequence 1)

Updated: May 21

Diabetes mellitus, colloquially referred to as diabetes, is a collection of conditions distinguished by elevated levels of glucose in the bloodstream due to impairments in the body's insulin production and/or utilization.

This hyperglycemia is characterized by the classic symptoms of increased thirst, appetite, and frequent urination.

 Two primary forms of diabetes exist:

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Type 1 diabetes : As a consequence of the body's inability to produce insulin, type 1 diabetes is currently managed through insulin injections.

(Also known as juvenile diabetes and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, abbreviated IDDM.)

Type 2 diabetes : It is caused by insulin resistance, a condition in which cells improperly utilize insulin, which is sometimes accompanied by a complete insulin deficiency. formerly known as adult-onset diabetes mellitus or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).

To be continued..

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