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Diabetes (Sequence 2)

Updated: May 21

 Type 2 diabetes occurs due to faulty lifestyle and is the most common form of prevalent diabetes. The manage ment includes control of diet, yoga , exercise & medication.

Healthy bowl of yogic meal

 Diabetes is also a lifestyle disease and correcting our lifestyle through yoga can help to avoid this disease and provide better management for those already suffering from it, through a combination of Asanas, Pranayama and Mitahara.


The yogic diet of Mitahara advocates eating only to 75% of one’s capacity, savouring each morsel of food and eating natural, fresh and homemade food as far as possible. Though simple solutions, these methods are time tested and maybe the answer to the Diabetic epidemic the world is currently facing. In addition to this, Mitahara advocates eating without distractions which helps in focusing on the food and getting maximum benefit out of the food eaten and prevents over eating.

To be continued.....

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