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Prenatal & Postnatal

Pregnancy is the most exciting phase of a woman’s life and all women, reading this, would agree that each pregnancy is different. Practicing Yoga during pregnancy is highly recommended by many doctors, but under proper guidance and supervision. So as a Yoga Teacher, you may come across situations, wherein women would contact you to guide them towards the best suited Yoga practices in their Prenatal Stage. Here a point of mention is however necessary, that no matter how good a Yoga Teacher you may be, you cannot replace the doctor who is being consulted during the pregnancy. So, keeping the medical guidance at the backdrop you as a Yoga Teacher will be able to assist women of different pregnancy trimesters.

Same goes with Postnatal period. Sometimes, this period can be trickier than the actual pregnancy and childbirth. This time becomes challenging to some women coping with changes in her body and to manage the ever-demanding infant care. To help women to connect with their own bodies and with their newborn would be best gift to the moms.

This Training not only covers the Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology of pregnancy, birth & delivery and post-natal care, but also teaches the Yoga teachers to bring in the element of philosophy and ethics of childbirth.

This is a 100-hour Yoga Alliance International accredited YTTC.

Schedules will be announced soon.

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