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We conduct Yoga Retreat programs that provides an opportunity to apply the practices the way they are meant to be. Our retreats help the participants to get a glimpse of yogic experience in its truest sense.

Our Yoga retreat programs comprise of Pranayama Retreat and Sadhana Retreat.

Pranayama Retreat

Pranayama is considered as an allied practice amongst most Yoga practitioners but is often not given enough importance. The preparations for such a practice is subject to many factors like weather, venue, and asana practice. Ignorance of associated shodhana kriyas and asanas impede apt progression in Pranyama.

Our pranayama retreat is a comprehensive 24 days programme for those who are keen to understand about Pranayama and wish to apply the practices in a systematic manner. The 24 days practice culminates with last 3 days of retreat which involves vehement practice done along with mauna (silence) and proper yogic diet prescribed for such practices. The 3-day retreat is held at a remote location away from the hustle and bustle of the city to provide the most conducive environment for pranayama practice.

For more details of upcoming Pranayama Retreat please Click Here

Sadhana Retreat

Sadhana retreats are held as part of our Master Class program wherein the sadhaks will apply the practices learned, in the most suitable atmosphere for such subtle and advanced practices.

The Sadhana Retreat is of 3-4 days duration and unlike the marketed Yoga retreats available, this will not be a site-seeing holiday, but a strict morning to evening intense sessions.

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