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Workshop on DHARANA- Sep 4, 2020

10:30 AM to 01:30 PM


Meditation (Dhyana) is something we’ve all heard of. As Dhyana is a state that one naturally evolves into, it cannot be taught. But Dharana is a state that lies in our control and a consistency in Dharana results in eventual Dhyana. In Pratyahara and following Dharana, one practices the withdrawal of our senses inwards and fixes attention on a single point. That is the last stage of voluntary practice and its culmination is Dhayana. Unless one is strongly rooted in Dharana, achieving Dhyana is extremely hard.
Though we are aware of many forms of Dhyana, Dharana is something we oft miss in its entirety. Dharana has been described in various forms in Patanjali Yogasutras, Hatha Yogic texts as well as in texts on Tantra. With this workshop on Dharana, we aim to introduce an encapsulated view of these practises. This workshop is meant for all those who aim to reach the state of Dhyana, irrespective of the path they walk.
For more details and registration, please call/whatsapp at 054-3033350

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