Align Body With Mind... From Gross to Subtle



Workshop on YOGA NIDRA- Aug 14, 2020

11:00 AM to 01:30 PM

A stressed body and an over worked mind causes a lot of disturbances within us and to the people and situations around us. Once the mind is over populated with thoughts, concentration and focus takes a back seat. 

While we all know that relaxation helps, it is very essential to do it the right way. Yoga Nidra has been proven to help relaxing the body and mind in totality.

This workshop aims to explain not only the how’s and what’s of Yoga Nidra but also takes you a step ahead on the traditional approach and relevance of it in our daily lives.  We can also enjoy a guided Yoga Nidra session during this workshop. 

We will also be conducting a consecutive session of Yoga Nidra - level 2, wherein all those who wish to have further knowledge of the practice, can benefit out of it. This will be subject to enquiries and bookings.

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