Align Body With Mind... From Gross to Subtle
"Preserving Yoga For Generations"


Alokya Sarvashaastrani Vicharya Cha Punah Punah
Idamekam Sunishpannam Yogashastram Param Matam
Having studied all the Sastras and having pondered over them well,
this Yoga Sastra has been found to be the only true and firm doctrine.
Siva Samhita I : 17

The Advanced Course is designed for those practitioners who would like to delve into the deeper aspects of Yoga, the advanced Asana methods and understand how fruitful these Asanas can be extrapolated for meditative purposes. This level also focuses on advanced breathing techniques and introduces the use of Kriya which aids in effective implementation of these techniques.


32 Asanas

Vinyasa (Asanas as Meditation)

Yogic cleansing process (Jala neti -Nasal cleansing with water)

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