Align Body With Mind... From Gross to Subtle
"Preserving Yoga For Generations"


Hathasya Prathamaangatvaadaasanam Poorvamuchyate.
Kuryaattadaasanam Sthairyamaarogyam chaangalaaghavam.
Prior to everything, asana is spoken of as the first part of Hatha Vidya.
Having done asana, one attains steadiness of body and mind, freedom from disease and lightness of limbs.
Hatha pradipika I:17

The Basic level course is designed for beginners and is meant to systematically introduce and reinforce the foundations of Yoga so that the practitioner is able to delve effectively into the intricate practices of Hatha Yoga, in the best possible manner. This course sequentially organizes the basic practices and helps the practitioner to effortlessly progress into more complex and advanced practices with due diligence.


Meditation Techniques.

Sukshma Vyayam (Body Conditioning).

Energisation Techniques.

Relaxation Techniques.

21 Vital Asanas.

Introduction to Yogic Breathing.

Anuloma Viloma.

Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation).

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