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"Preserving Yoga For Generations"

Kids Yoga Course

Kids Yoga is designed to enhance their mental energy to promote their inherent creativity.

A unique line drawing technique specially designed for all the asanas is interesting for the kids to remember the names, to become well-versed in the method, and to perform these asanas confidently. Through such Yoga practices the students are enabled to become aware of their strengths and to bring out their dormant potential.


Transform your child for better

Yoga has percolated our lives on many levels. “Competitive Yoga” is one such bizarre form of Yoga. We ve come to realise that people often consider“achieving” difficult Yoga poses and states as an epitome - which were initially not meant to be done by these kids at all - considering their age. Such wrong notions doing the rounds needs to be addressed as they could eventually result in health hazards.

This inspired us to initiate “ NISHTA Kids Yoga Program”. We have formulated a concrete curriculum that spans 8 months to inculcate a disciplined practice based program, which truly drills in the true concept and purpose of Yoga for our young superstars. We really wish this serves as a strong platform for them to evolve into better and more advanced Yoga practitioners in the future and not be misguided by the improper forms that their naive nature stumbles into. The benefit from such a program would be better physical and mental health, that would transpire into better academic excellence and a discplined, moral driven attitude.

With the world looking up to Yoga, let us cultivate a breed of young, vibrant and most importantly well informed Yoga practitioners who shall remain the beacon of light for future generations..

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