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Yoga For Seniors

Yuva vruddho tivruddho va vyadhito
durbalo' pi va abhyasat
siddhimapnoti sarvayogesvatandritah
He who untiringly practices Yoga in all its aspects attains success even if he is young, old, decrepit, diseased, or weak
Hath Pradipika 1:64

Yoga can never be termed under ‘one size fits all’ rule. Each body is different and so is the difference in the practice methodology when it comes to men, women, kids, adults and seniors.

Special care and attention is required as you progress through your age. Not everything can be done or rather, is required to be done.

Hatha Yoga has laid down many options which comes handy for our elderly people, who despite the inclination to join and do Yoga are unsure if they would really fit in. We understand, and so we have designed a special program for senior citizens.

Yoga for seniors is a novel practice methodology that emphasises on improving mobility and eventual functional status.

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