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100 Hrs Kids Yoga Teacher Training

The methodology for teaching yoga to young children differs greatly from instructing adults, and the advantages for children are contingent upon their age and mental condition. The Kids Yoga Teacher's Training Program is specifically tailored to accommodate these variations. The curriculum and training methods have been meticulously crafted to provide instructors with the necessary information and skills to proficiently instruct children in the practice of yoga, taking into account their age and physical capacities. Individuals enrolled in this program will be able to acquire practical experience by aiding in the instruction of yoga to children at our facility, thereby improving their practical abilities in teaching yoga to young students.

Course Duration & Schedule

The World Yoga Federation offers a 100-hour Teacher Training Certification (TTC) program that lasts for three months. Participants will be provided with essential study materials, including our own Kids Yoga textbooks such as "The Blossom", "In the Mould", "The Drops", "The Progress", and "The Metamorphosis". These textbooks are specifically developed to enhance their learning experience during the program.

Suitability and Considerations for this Course

This program is ideal for individuals seeking to teach yoga to children aged 5-13, including parents, school teachers, caregivers, professionals working with children, and those aspiring to become Kids Yoga instructors. By enrolling in this training, they can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively teach yoga to young children.

Practical sessions for all courses are available during our regular business hours. During this time, our staff is readily available to provide assistance with any course-related inquiries or concerns, including YTT practice sessions, health management/therapy classes, and regular basic, intermediate, or advanced classes. There are no restrictions or set schedules for individual courses, as the training is delivered in a personalized one-on-one format, without group classes.

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