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Yoga Teacher Training

आलोक्य सर्वशास्त्राणि विचार्य च पुनः पुनः ।
इदमेकं सुनिष्पन्न योगशास्त्र ं परं मतम् ॥ १७ ॥

alokya sarvaśāstrāņi vicārya ca punaḥ punaḥ/
idamekam sunişpannam yogaśāstram param matam //17//

Having studied all the sciences and pondered over them well, again and again, this yogic science has been found to be the only true and firm doctrine

Siva Samhita 1: 17

The way our Yoga Teacher Training program is designed allows students to acquire a general knowledge of yoga and its foundational practices. We concentrate on the underlying ideas and subtle principles of the practices as described in traditional literature.

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Hatha Vidya Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Teacher Training Courses we offer are officially accredited and approved by the World yoga Federation, a proud achievement we are delighted to share. These comprehensive programs encompass sessions on yoga postures, various cleansing methods, relaxation techniques, meditation practices, theoretical knowledge, and the study of texts, among other components. Our belief is that individuals with a thorough understanding of these aspects are best equipped to impart knowledge effectively. This belief is strongly held by us. Our structured curriculum aims to produce well-rounded and knowledgeable yoga instructors, ensuring that our graduates are equipped to teach with confidence and skill.

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This course has been meticulously designed by Acharya Bala, a highly regarded Yoga Master, and it is based on the principles of Traditional Hatha Yoga as they are described in classical texts. The program makes use of a method of instruction that is both conventional and individualized and one-on-one. This method is utilized within the framework of the program. When individuals take this approach, which serves as a fundamental starting point, they are able to live a yogic lifestyle that is both independent and satisfying. This is because the approach serves as a foundation.

100 Hrs. Kids Yoga Teacher Training

The Kids Yoga Teacher's Training Program acknowledges the distinct methodology required for instructing young children. The curriculum and methodology are designed to cater to specific factors such as age and state of mind, ensuring a thorough and complete understanding. By completing the program, teachers will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to teach Yoga to children of different ages and conditions. They will also have the chance to gain practical experience at our center.

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300 Hrs. Yoga Teachers Training

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Participants can gain a thorough comprehension of yoga and its fundamental practices by enrolling in the three hundred-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Classical literature serves as a tool to examine the fundamental aspects of intricate principles. Upon the satisfactory completion of the course, Yoga Alliance International, an accredited organization, will grant certification to the individual. For those sincerely seeking the truth, this is a unique chance to begin the yoga journey, making it perfect for them.

500 Hrs. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

The 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program empowers instructors to fully internalize and embody their knowledge. This resource delves into advanced yogic techniques and provides deep insight into ancient texts. Accreditation from Yoga Alliance International strengthens the qualifications of Yoga Teachers and fosters a profound comprehension of the subject.

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Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Hathavidya Traditional School of Yoga offers extensive pre- and post-natal yoga teacher training. These courses combine traditional and modern yoga teachings to prepare aspiring instructors to lead pregnant women through safe and effective yoga practices. Using specialized methods, people learn to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health during pregnancy and postpartum, creating a comprehensive maternal healthcare approach.

900 Hrs - Master Class

Hatha Vidya provides a Master Class every two years exclusively to students selected by the Acharya. The selection is based on their practice and eligibility for the course.

So what are the other Eligibility criteria?

The one-year Master Class is open to practitioners who have demonstrated the required level of understanding and skill in Yoga, as assessed by the Acharya. Participation in this Master Class is restricted to students who have satisfactorily completed both the 300-hour and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) offered by Hatha Vidya Yoga Centre.Only students who have at least 2 years of experience in Yoga are eligible to enroll in this course. The course aims to develop their skills in the study of Yoga. This course is not explicitly tailored for teacher training, but rather for educators who possess a strong inclination to delve deeper into the practice of Yoga and integrate it into their everyday routines.

What makes this Master Class different?

This program is derived from Saadhana. This Master Class is not structured as a group session with a pre-established schedule and content. Instead, it utilizes a personalized approach. People are provided with tailored assistance in integrating Yoga into their daily routines.

What makes this Master Class different?

This is a rigorous one-year practice regimen that will consist of a total of 900 hours. This comprises four Yoga Saadhana Retreats, each lasting three days. The Yoga retreats offered are distinct from the commercially advertised ones, since they do not focus on sightseeing or leisure activities. Instead, they consist of rigorous practice sessions from morning to evening, with participants observing complete silence (Mauna) throughout the whole stay. Practitioners are required to keep a personal practice journal to document their practices throughout the year.

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