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योगः समाधिसिद्धिराशीर्वादः।

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"Yoga is the achievement of a state of total absorption and accomplishment; it is a divine gift."

Our regular classes focus on the practice of asanas, fundamental pranayama techniques, and meditation. Although we practice yoga in a group setting, we offer individualized training that adheres to a structured methodology, taking into account the student's age, physical condition, previous yoga experience, and medical background. In accordance with our system, we enforce a restriction on class sizes, allowing a maximum of 16 participants per teacher. This ensures that each student receives individual attention on a one-to-one basis, which is consistent with our established practice. We prioritize the nuanced elements of Yoga, allowing practitioners to achieve the authentic advantages of the practice. Our classes focus on incorporating the five essential elements into asana practices to enhance the overall experience.


5 Essentials Of Yogasana Pratices

  1. Flow (Vinyasa): Engaging in deliberate and conscious movement, purposefully positioning body parts to achieve and then release yoga poses.

  2. Breathing (Shwasa): Coordinating inhalation and exhalation with bodily motions while performing yoga poses.

  3. Posture Maintenance (Stithi): Sustaining yogasanas for optimal periods to maximize advantages.

  4. Focal Point (Drishti): Concentrating on particular internal and external points following the achievement of yoga postures.

  5. Relaxation (Vishranti) : refers to the state of ensuring that the body remains relaxed both during and between asanas.


  • Meditation Techniques

  • Sukshma Vyayam(Body Conditioning)

  • Energisation Techniques

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • 21 Vital Asanas

  • Introduction to Yogic Breathing

  • Anuloma Viloma

  • Suryanamaskar(Sun Salutation)



  • 31 Asanas

  • KumbhakaPadhati(Breath Retention Techniques)

  • Meditation Technique (level 3&4)

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Introduction to Bandhas (3 Bandhas)

  • Yogic Cleansing Process (Kapalabhati)



  • 32 Asanas

  • Vinyasa

  • Asanas As Meditation

  • Yogic cleansing process

  • Jala neti- Nasal Cleaning With Water

No matter your location ,
                        join us worldwide in yoga

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