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12 Years of Sādhanā

अभ्यस्यमानो नादोऽयं बाह्यमावृणुते ध्वनिम् । पक्षाद्विक्षेपमखिलं जित्वा योगी सुखी भवेत् ।।८३।।

By closing both the ears from the hands, whatever sound is listened by the practitioner, there the mind should be made stable till the perfect stable state of mind is attained.

Unveiling Yourself: A 12-Year Sadhana Journey at Hathavidya

Imagine a transformative odyssey spanning twelve years. This is the essence of a dedicated Sadhana at Hathavidya Traditional School of Yoga. Sadhana, meaning spiritual practice, guides you through a progressive exploration of physical postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), and meditation techniques. Here's a glimpse into this remarkable journey:

Dharana _ deep meditation technique

(300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training):

The foundation is laid. You establish a strong and flexible body by mastering foundational asanas with precise alignment and breath control. Basic pranayama techniques like Ujjayi (victorious breath) build lung capacity and focus. Gentle meditation practices cultivate present-moment awareness.

(500-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training):

Your practice deepens. Asanas become more challenging, exploring advanced variations that test balance and flexibility. You delve into the energetic aspects of postures, understanding their impact on chakras (energy centers). Advanced pranayama techniques like Kapalbhati (skull-shining breath) cleanse and energize the body. Mantra meditation, using a repeated sound, further quiets the mind.


Your asana practice becomes introspective, focusing on internal sensations and subtle energy flow. Advanced pranayama techniques are mastered, exploring their effects on the mind and nervous system. Meditation practices are further refined, potentially incorporating visualization techniques.

(Tantra Sadhana):

Asanas maintain strength and flexibility while becoming tools for self-inquiry. Advanced pranayama techniques awaken higher states of consciousness and cultivate inner peace. Meditation delves into advanced practices designed for self-realization.


This dedicated practice extends beyond the mat. You integrate yoga principles into daily life. A sattvic diet emphasizes pure, light foods. Ethical conduct (yamas and niyamas) guides thoughts and actions. Selfless service (seva) connects you to the greater good.

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The twelve years of Sadhana are a cyclical journey, not a linear one. Each program builds upon the last, leading to a profound transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

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