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Post Accidental Recovery

stress management

Where the body and mind need healing together.

Discover gentle yoga poses & breathing techniques to promote healing, manage pain, & regain strength after an accident. Find

Wellness is defined by WHO, as not only the absence of disease and infirmity, but complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. Yoga is a pshychosomatic technique which brings about an equilibrium between the physical as well as the mental states of being of an individual. And it is this balanced state between the masculine and feminine energies or the physical and mental energies within the body, which brings about wholesome wellness.


This becomes especially true in the case of accident victims where, in addition to the obvious physical injury healing, the mental healing becomes as much a pertinent part of the entire healing process, if not more.


At HathaVidya we understand what exactly


is needed in this delicate juncture, where the body and mind need healing together.


Thus in such a case, the physical yoga concepts like asanas and relaxation, aid in stretching and strengthening muscles, improving the range of motion and correcting certain postural imbalances as a result of the injury, while providing sufficient pain management.


In tandem the mental yoga concepts like Pranayama and Meditation aid in reducing the stress levels in the body and mind, caused as an after effect of injuries, which often inhibit the recovery process post an injury. As a result of the decrease in stress hormones and the other deep internal effects that yoga has on the practitioner, the recovery process can be sped up.


It is important to realise that each injury is different and so is the physical and mental states of every victim. Hence it is of utmost importance that guidance on what should be done and how, and what should be avoided, based on the injury type and the individual, must be imparted by an experienced yoga teacher. This ensures that the healing process receives a thrust and the individual can be back on track in the earliest possible time and in the safest possible way. 

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