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Haṭha Vidyã Traditional School Of Yoga

Haṭha Yoga Clasess

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Regular Classes

Our regular classes primarily cover asana practices along with basic pranayama and meditation practices.

We impart personalized training although the practitioner may be practicing in a group. We follow a systematic approach after assessing the student’s age, body condition, prior experience in Yoga, health conditions, and medical history, if any. In accordance with our system, we do not encourage more than 16 participants per teacher in a class.

yoga and meditations

Yoga Teacher Training

The course is suitable for anyone of the age of 18 and above. No prior experience in yoga is necessary for joining this course. In case if you have any health issues or pre-existing conditions, the practices can be customized.

One who has experienced the real benefit of Yoga, can only sincerely impart training to others.

yoga for children

Yoga for Children

The education imparted during childhood will form a strong foundation for the rest of life. This is true with Yoga education and training also. Children with their natural instincts can understand and adapt to Yoga much more quickly. Sowing the seeds of Yoga at an early age will help children to grow as strong, balanced, and responsible individuals capable of facing the challenges of life.

Through Yoga practices, children are enabled to become aware of their strengths and to bring out their dormant potential.

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Yoga Philosophy

The study and practice of asanas, fundamental pranayama methods, and meditation have significant importance in our core curriculum. Aside from conducting group sessions, we guarantee personalized training for every student by using a systematic approach that considers the student's age, physical state, prior yoga experience, and medical background.

deep meditation

12 Years of Sadhana

As people go through different stages of life, indulging in human tendencies, they experience a series of different emotions. They witness periods of joy and despair but can gain control over the life only after exhausting their prarabhda karmas. In order to exhaust the prarabhda karma one needs regular practice, discipline and utmost focus. According to the eminent masters of yore, to free one from the conflicting thoughts and lesson.

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Yoga Therapy

The Haṭha Vidyã yoga tradition integrates mental, physical, and spiritual health. Haṭha yoga improves health with asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Balance and unity are promoted by students' body, mind, and breathing awareness. The school promotes proactive health for balance and energy. Haṭha Vidyã empowers people to manage their health with traditional yogic practices. This approach improves mental clarity, physical fitness, and spiritual growth.

Online Yoga clasess

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As we routinely go about our day to day lives, many of us realise the need to slow down and focus on our wellbeing. But often our busy life schedules makes it difficult for us to do so. Even if we do manage to slip in a few hours a week to work upon our wellbeing, the rigors of commuting and getting stuck in traffic to reach the yoga/fitness studio makes it a vain attempt. Not only that, if you are always on the move, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with a dedicated fitness regime. But not anymore. HathaVidya brings yoga to your doorstep by way of online classes. All you need is your mobile device, yoga mat and yourself! Join us from the comfort of your own space as we guide you through the entire practice step by step.

Special Programs


Experience the profound teachings of Chāndrayanam, an ancient practice, by joining us at Haṭha yoga traditional school of yoga for a transforming Experience. This program is specifically tailored for individuals who wish to enhance their comprehension of yogic principles and include the calming influence of the moon into their practice.Chāndrayanam, derived from Sanskrit, where "Chandra" means moon and "ayanam" signifies journey or path, represents the lunar connection in the practice of yoga. Chāndrayanam, originating from Sanskrit, combines the words "Chandra" meaning moon and "ayanam" meaning journey or road, to symbolize the lunar aspect in the practice of yoga. This technique prioritizes synchronization with the lunar cycle, utilizing the moon's cooling energy to establish equilibrium and serenity in both the physical and mental aspects."Chāndrayanam" delves into the profound interrelation between respiration, cognition, and physique. This program reveals age-old methods for achieving overall well-being by incorporating deliberate breathing exercises and mindful consciousness.

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Introducing kids to mindfulness and discipline at a young age can go a long way in shaping the person they become eventually. When inculcated from a young age, it becomes a part of their system; almost like muscle memory and it then becomes easy for them to carry it forward for the rest of their lives without any extra push or effort. At Hatha Vidya we not only offer regular kids yoga classes, but we also have 'Nishtha', a beautiful program designed by our Acharya, especially for young kids between the ages of 5 and 12 years. In this program, in addition to the classical Yogasanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques), kids are also explained the essence of basic yogic concepts by way of theory sessions, which follow a specific curriculum carefully designed to bring about holistic development of children. The young minds are also challenged by way of fun interactive games, which is often the most awaited part of the classes as it not only sparks their playful and inquisitive side, but also serves as a team building opportunity. The introduction to Sanskrit language is the Cherry on the cake. Enrol your child today and see him or her blossom into their best versions on the way.

Special Haṭha Vidyã Yoga Program


Pre Natal & Post Natal Yoga

Parental Yoga is a multifaceted approach which involves stretching and focuses on breathing. Gentle stretching often relieves many of the common discomforts during pregnancy, while specific postures help to be moms prepare for labor.

Postnatal Yoga program is designed to be safe after childbirth as it is focused on muscles used in labor. It enables mothers to reconnect with the vital energy, core strength, and inner balance.


Yoga for Corporates

We consider corporate world as synergy, where the management, and pool of employees bring their energies together to create, to drive and to strive for growth. In modern day life style, one spends more time in their work place than with family and friends and hence, the environment at workplace has significant effect on overall lives of all the people involved in the workplace. At the same time, the environment of workplace depends on the overall health of individuals.


Yoga for Seniors

Yoga can never be termed under ‘one size fits all’ rule. Each body is different and so is the difference in the practice methodology. Yoga is for all, but not in one form. It needs careful evaluation of one’s age, gender, medical history and level of practice to decide the practices one shall perform. We keep this in consideration while designing the practice methodology for our students.

Our message for seniors, you’re never too old to reap the rewards of yoga. 


Health Management

Therapeutic yoga personalizes rehab for injuries. Soft poses and controlled breathing promote healing, reduce pain, and gently rebuild strength and flexibility. Tailored to each patient's needs, it fosters mindfulness, body-mind connection, and gradual activity increase. This holistic approach supports physical healing and emotional well-being, aiding recovery from accidents by regaining mobility and reducing stress.

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