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Yoga             Therapy

चैत्रादिफाल्गुनान्ते च माघादिफाल्गुनान्तिके ।

द्वौडो मासावृतुभागावनुभावचतुश्चतुः ।।१०।।

Practice of yoga should begin during Vasanta or farad season, then yogi certainly becomes successful and attains free- dom from diseases.

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Overview of Yoga Therapy Fundamentals : 

Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on completely cleansing the body, with the secondary goal of providing therapeutic benefits to the practitioner. In some circles, Hatha Yoga is also referred to as "traditional yoga." Not only does it serve as a method for attaining personal enlightenment, but it is also an essential practice for ensuring that one's health is maintained to the extent that it is necessary to maintain it. One of the advantages that comes with the advantage of hindsight is the fact that it has been demonstrated to be effective in the elimination of a wide variety of diseases and abnormalities.

Prenatal Yoga
Women's healthcare

Through the principles of Hatha Yoga, women can achieve optimal well-being by engaging in nurturing practices that promote radiant health and restore equilibrium to both the body and mind. The seamless integration of physical postures, breath control, and internal concentration cultivates innate beauty and overall wellness.

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Psychological well-being

Hatha Yoga provides a refuge for the rehabilitation of mental health. The combination of controlled breathing and physical poses in yoga provides a sense of comfort to the mind, allowing for the restoration of inner balance and the promotion of healing.

Reiki Treatment
Post-Accident Rehabilitation

Hatha Yoga serves as a promising solution for individuals seeking recovery after an accident. The transformative practices of this approach facilitate the healing of both the body and mind, providing strength, resilience, and a pathway to restored well-being.

Holding Hands
Hospice care

We provide During the final stages of life, palliative care can be found in the comforting practice of hatha yoga. The practice of asanas, the control of breath, and the state of serenity are closely connected, providing a sense of comfort and peace. May the radiance of yoga guide the way with elegance.

Why Hathavidya's Yoga therapy : 

The curriculum for our 'Yoga Therapy' program has been carefully crafted to preserve the integrity of the traditional approach. This text does not aim to provide instructions on how to care for individuals with illnesses. Instead, it offers an enlightening perspective to assist teachers in effectively managing students who have various ailments, difficulties, or conditions while engaging in physical postures or exercises.
Our teaching faculty will be enriched by the addition of three distinguished dignitaries from India, who will serve as guest lecturers. They will join Acharya Bala in providing guidance to our students, ensuring a progressive transition from one phase to another. Our Yoga Therapy courses are endorsed by Yoga Alliance International, enhancing the professional qualifications of any Yoga Teacher.

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