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Hatha Pradipika - A Contemplation

For all those who consider Yoga Shastra a significant subject, Hatha Pradipika is one of the ancient texts which clearly and extensively details on the systematic techniques and methods of Yogic practices. This profound text, which was written by Yogi Svatmarama, still holds its magnificence after all these centuries only due to the efficacy of the time-tested practices which is invaluable

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Hatha Pradipika, written in 1350 AD by Yogi Svatmarama is in accordance with the Natha tradition. Beginning from Hatha Yoga’s first expounder Adinatha - Lord Shiva, Svatmarama who is the descendant of Sahajananda Natha who belonged to Siddhas Natha lineage, wrote Hatha Pradipika during the time when there were varying opinions concerning the practices of Yoga. Svatmarama has presented Hatha Pradipika, which is lucid, non-confusing, unambiguous and therefore highly convincing.

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