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Me, Myself And I ?

Image of elephant which refers to me myself and  i

Why is my mind always fleeting, constantly worrying, chasing a thousand thoughts in an hour? It's never still, calm, and clear.

Why does my body often feel aches and pains, heavy and sluggish?

It is acting out of old habits and resisting change.

While I am seemingly trying to hold these together and putting on a normal face to the world?

It is easy to imagine that when we carry out our lives with these fragmented parts, the journey ahead will be unsettling and take more energy to navigate. A sense of loss and exhaustion will always linger.

Hatha Vidya presents a life-evolving system that allows our minds and bodies to unite steadily and progressively, proven by centuries of Yogic sciences.

Staying true to the ancient scripts, we adopt the one-to-one teaching approach, ensuring personalized guidance even in group settings.

The aim of our school is to bring you home to You.

-- Me,Myself and I ?

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