Hathavidya Traditional School of Yoga

Hatha Vidya Traditional School of Yoga is the International wing of the Hatha Vidya Gurukulam, India. We aim at seeking out the quintessence of Yogic Science, taking utmost care to not lose the traditional values and principles inculcated by our ancient sages and great masters.

Yoga Classes

Our regular Yoga classes are structured programs divided into different levels. Our classes are designed for not only the beginners, but also for practitioners with prior knowledge of Yoga. Topics are systematically introduced, so that students can move step by step into deeper understanding of Yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training

Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance International. Teacher Training programs are delivered in different phases – each phase includes sessions of Yoga asanas, different types of cleansing processes, relaxation techniques, meditation techniques, theory and textual understanding. We believe that only those who have experienced a thorough knowledge of all the above, can sincerely impart training to others. Apart from these, a Master Class for Yoga Teachers is conducted once in every two years.


To attain completeness in the practice of Yoga, there are subtle nuances that should be emphasized upon. Most of these abstruse differences are concealed in traditional Yoga texts and the others are edified from the Guru to the disciple through years of instruction and practise. We aim to introduce a birds-eye-view of these teachings to the Yoga aspirants through our monthly workshops.

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