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Children's  Yoga

मतमत्र तु केषांचित् कण्ठबन्धं विवर्जयेत् राजदन्तस्थजिह्वाया बन्धः शस्तो भवेदिति ।। २२ ।।

After retaining the air as per capacity; exhale it slowly. After practicing it from the left side of the body, practice it also from

Hatha Yoga designed specifically for children.

When it comes to the education that one receives in yoga, the same principle applies as it does to the foundation that one's early education serves as for the rest of their life. Because of the fact that children have innate instincts, yoga is simple for them to comprehend. Through the practice of yoga, children can develop a sense of responsibility, physical strength, and balance. Yoga is best introduced to children at a young age because it is most effective in fostering these qualities. The goal of our Kids Yoga classes, which are geared specifically toward children between the ages of 5 and 13, is to assist them in the process of cultivating a consistent practice that will eventually become an essential component of their way of life. Every child in our class receives individualized attention that is tailored to their specific capabilities because we use a traditional individualized approach. This technique ensures that every child receives the attention they deserve.

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Benefits of Yoga for Children

Enhancing Children's Development with Yoga

Once children take part in our Kids Yoga classes, they have the opportunity to be motivated to realize their full potential and be inspired to reach their full potential. The cultivation of strength, equilibrium, and adaptability from an early stage onward is something that we are dedicated to doing in order to lay the groundwork for a future that is robust, empowered, and conscious. In addition, we are dedicated to the development of adaptability in our organizations.

Nishṭha : Bringing about a positive change in your child

The Nishṭha program is an approach that is founded on the fundamental principles of Hatha Yoga. Discipline, resiliency, and overall well-being are the primary goals that it seeks to instill in children. Conventional teachings, individualized attention, and certified instructors who are recognized by Yoga Alliance International are the elements that are prioritized in the curriculum. A strong foundation for a future that is healthy, empowered, and mindful is established through the participation of children in this program, which enables them to develop physical strength, balance, and mental resilience. In accordance with the fundamental principles of Hatha Yoga, the term "Nishṭha" signifies a dedication to instilling positive values in the minds of young individuals and also to facilitate profound personal development.

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The Nishṭha program is organized into three distinct levels, with each level spanning a period of up to eight months in duration. For children's yoga, we have developed a unique curriculum that we call "Path of Harmony," which consists of a collection of five textbooks that are not available anywhere else.

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