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Yoga For Health Management

Overview of Health Management Fundamentals  

Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on completely cleansing the body, with the secondary goal of providing therapeutic benefits to the practitioner. In some circles, Hatha Yoga is also referred to as "traditional yoga." Not only does it serve as a method for attaining personal enlightenment, but it is also an essential practice for ensuring that one's health is maintained to the extent that it is necessary to maintain it. One of the advantages that comes with the advantage of hindsight is the fact that it has been demonstrated to be effective in the elimination of a wide variety of diseases and abnormalities.



In PYS II-43, Sage Patanjali states that the purification of the body and sense organs can be accomplished by practicing Tapas, which refers to the adoption of suitable austerity. Ancient Indian writings have strongly stressed the influence of the mind on the development of health and sickness. Furthermore, it is believed that the lunar phases have an impact on an individual's emotions, which might consequently have an indirect effect on their overall well-being. Contemporary society is increasingly recognizing these connections, leading to a proliferation of detoxification programs worldwide.
Chandrayanam is an ancient Indian technique that aims to purify the body and soul by following the lunar cycle. It is a unique rejuvenation program that involves observing certain austerities. There are two types of lunar cycles: one from full moon to full moon, and another from new moon to new moon.

Pre Natal & Post Natal Yoga

Pre Natal Yoga is a comprehensive practice that encompasses stretching and emphasizes controlled breathing. Regular and gentle stretching can alleviate typical discomforts experienced throughout pregnancy, while certain postures can assist expectant mothers in preparing for delivery.

The Post Natal Yoga practice is specifically developed to be safe and suitable for women after giving birth, as it specifically targets the muscles that are used during delivery. It allows mothers to regain their essential vitality, fundamental strength, and internal equilibrium.
Office Coffee Break

Corporate Yoga

In the corporate sector, synergy is achieved when the management and employees combine their efforts and resources to generate, propel, and pursue progress. In contemporary society, individuals allocate a greater portion of their time to their professional environment, surpassing the time spent with family and friends. Consequently, the office environment exerts a substantial influence on the general well-being of all individuals involved in the workplace. The office environment is contingent upon the collective well-being of individuals.

Yoga For Seniors

Yoga cannot be categorized using a 'one size fits all' approach. Every individual has a unique physique, and as a result, the approach to practicing varies accordingly. Yoga is inclusive, yet it comes in various forms. One must carefully evaluate their age, gender, medical history, and degree of practice in order to determine which practices they should conduct. We take this into account when formulating the practice methods for our pupils.

Our message to older individuals is that one is never too advanced in age to experience the benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga can be advantageous if practiced with good direction, meticulous attention, and careful execution of the techniques.

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